Thursday, March 1, 2012

Shabana Rehman hired as information manager at LIM

Oslo, 1 March 2012:

Shabana Rehman is employed as an information manager in the LIM  , the organization made ​​up of secular Norwegian Muslims who want to promote liberal values ​​in society.

- Shabana Rehman has for years been a strong voice in public debate, a champion of liberal values ​​and a great source of inspiration for many. She got a solid expertise and a strong commitment to issues LIM works forsuch as gender equality, integration and diversity, says head of LIM , Tina Shagufta Kornmo

- In a time where extremes dominate the media, it is actually rebellious to act moderateI chose LIM because it is the organization that strongly express the freedom I have struggled for many years. Here, men and women, Muslims and atheists works together to educate, create community and counteract reactionary forces. LIM look forward, says Shabana Rehman.

LIM want to be a knowledge-based organization and a constructive voice in the integration debate, we want to mobilize secular and liberal Muslims as an counterweight to the more religious-conservative forces, and also highlight the diversity of the immigrant communitiesLIMS work is mainly based on voluntary participationVisit the LIMS website for more information  LIM

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