Thursday, April 19, 2012

A wall of love against bestiality

The offender has not been given a rostrum. Breivik never felt like a part of society, and with what he did and what he stands for, he has opted out forever.

But his terror continued in court room 250 this Thursday. Verbally, Breivik managed to arouse more fear and loathing than earlier in the trial.
Sober and businesslike, he made an account of the named individuals he planned to kill, but didn´t kill, what targets he would blow up, but didn´t blow up, due to more or less practical reasons.
The otherwise so calm journalists who covered the trial this Thursday, were clearly shaken and out of balance after hearing that they themselves had been so direct targets of Breivik's terror plans. And they know he is a man of ability.
Breivik is still able to arouse fear. Thursday, for the first time since the trial started, one of the lawyers said: This man is dangerous.

Must look the monster in human nature in the eyes

This man, who we cannot comprehend is grown up among us in Oslo, not only shows an abysmal lack of empathy when he attacks. In court Thursday, he showed also the total ruthlessness to the injured, their families and others who were affected by the terrorist attack, and had their wounds torn open again.
We are protected from Breivik´s physical terror now. But not from his terrorizing words, as long as he can explain himself openly and freely in court. What should we do to protect ourselves against them?
We must not look away in fear, we need to look the monster in human nature in the eyes. The fact that Breivik presents everything in a seemingly rational and businesslike style, makes it all the more monstrous.

Gruesome, but necessary details
This verbal terror should not paralyze the nation's process of settlement with the mass killer. We shall now, with our tears, our torn wounds, gather all our courage, gather all our forces and let the court run its course, with its painful, but necessary details.
It gets worse on Friday I have heard, but it is not certain that this will be the worst day. We must prepare ourselves for more. We must prepare for the examination of witnesses and the autopsy reports, just to name a few.
We must rely on the collective love, which is located in the country's spinal reflex when disaster strikes.

You are the heroes
When the autopsy reports on the 77 killed are presented in the courtroom, we will probably create a new ocean of roses, this time around Oslo Courthouse. As a wall of love against bestiality. A warm embrace with roses. It will happen in May. That month we will celebrate the country's Independence Day, 17th of May.
The month of May will be a painful month in the courtroom, but we will stand together. We will do this. We will make it through this.
Dear all of you who were directly affected on 22 July, and during Breivik´s testimony on Thursday had your wounds torn open again: We think of you. And we will be with you until the wounds heal, because they shall. A man is standing in the courtroom, clearly blinded by his own heroism. But it is you who are the heroes. And the whole world sees it.

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